Travel to West Bengal

On the eastern part of India, the state of West Bengal is the land of culture and rich tradition. Apart from the glorious past, today's West Bengal claims more fame as a bastion of leftist dominance.

Travel to West Bengal

A travel to West Bengal takes you to the state, which has given birth to maximum number Nobel laureates of the country. This is the home to numerous poets, painters, filmmakers and scholars celebrated across the globe.

                                                            Best time to visit
Travel to West Bengal is mostly preferred during September and October, when the state celebrates Durga Puja with much enthusiasm.

Dotted with many places of interest, West Bengal tourism offers the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage and architectural splendor of the state.

How to Reach West Bengal
West Bengal represents a panorama of majestic hills, dense jungle replete in wild lives, undulating green plains, beautiful breaches, historical monuments and a tremendously rich culture.

Strategically located at the eastern part of Indian peninsula, the state has a very smooth communication network. It is often referred to as the gateway of the eastern India. How to Reach West Bengal is, therefore, not an issue.

By Air

The state has an international airport in Kolkata, the state capital and another domestic airport at Bagdogra near Siliguri, in the northern Bengal. These two airports are served by nearly all public and private airlines and linked to major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and so on. Most of the destinations in West Bengal are located at convenient distance from Kolkata and Bagdogra.

By Rail

The state has a very good rail network too. Two railway stations namely: Howrah and Sealdah near Kolkata and New Jalpaiguri, close to Siliguri, are key railway stations in the state. There are numerous other railheads that are served by important trains from all over the country and link major destinations within the state.

By Road

An extensive road network covers the entire state. A number of National Highways and State Highways crisscross the land. One can also approach the state from neighbouring states, name Bihar, Orissa and Jharkhand. Cross border road transportation is also operational with neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Places To See in West Bengal

Nivedita Setu
A marvelous addition to the attractions of West Bengal, Nibedita Setu is located over the Hooghly River. Measuring a total of six kilometer, the Setu aims at connecting Kolkata and National Highways no. 34 and 35 with other adjoining states of India. The Setu is also called as Nivedita Bridge. 
Nibedita Setu

Sponsored by some of the reputed organizations of foreign and Indian origin, Nibedita Setu was primarily constructed as a toll bridge. Presently, Nivedita Bridge helps in easing out the high traffic pressures in the state of West Bengal, especially during the rush hours. More Detail... 

Race Course
Adding lush green splendor to the charisma of West Bengal, Race Course stands tall on the north-west corner of Kolkata maidan. Designed and implemented by Royal Turf club of Bengal, Race Course flaunts an age-old heritage which dates back to 1820. From November to February, Races are organized in the place. In the first week of March also Race events take place in the area.
Race Course

Among many other prestigious Racing occasions, Queen Elizabeth Cup and Derby Cup are considered as some of the highly esteemed events which attract maximum number of visitors from all over India.

Vidyasagar Setu
Vidyasagar Setu

Vidyasagar Setu, popularly known as the Second Hooghly Bridge, was erected in1992. A manifestation of constructional excellence, Vidyasagar Setu of West Bengal acts as a vital link between the capital city - Kolkata - and Howrah. The Setu facilitates commutation of around 85, 000 transportation sources regularly. The entire structure of Vidyasagar Setu in Kolkata was transformed into an operational Bridge in a time span of 22 long years.
Comprising of nine traffic tracks, the 457 meter long Setu is a unique engineering wonder as its framework is aptly backed by 121 loops. The very base of Vidyasagar Setu goes to a depth of 100 meter in the River Hooghly. With a width of 115 meter, the Setu is believed to have incurred a considerable cost of Rs. 388/- crore. More Detail...

Spandan Art Gallery
West Bengal, the focal point of cultural extravaganza is a popular tourist destination. The state's capital Kolkata is a real treat for connoisseurs with its numerous museums and art galleries. Spandan Art Gallery is another offering of the city that promises to elevate the city's creative awareness.
Spandan Art Gallery

Kolkata, the City of Joy boasts of the splendid Bengali culture. The city was the home of some of the country's most eminent creative geniuses like the legendary Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, Satyajit Raj and Jamini Roy to name a few.

Spandan Art Gallery is one of the many art galleries that are mushrooming in the city's chic Park Street and is a coveted haunted of patrons of fine arts and the city slicker socialites. The spacious gallery sprawls across a generous expanse and has an elegant modern decor. The gallery's cozy interiors and rich collection of masterpieces ensure that visitors spent long and quiet hours strolling down the elongated corridors of the tranquil premises of the world of art.
Howrah Bridge
Howrah Bridge

Standing with elegance with an incredible overview of River Hooghly, Howrah Bridge ranks high on the list of West Bengal's attractions. Maintained by the Kolkata Port Trust, Howrah Bridge, also referred as Rabindra Setu, is a world-famous cantilever which was built with a total steel quantity 26, 500 tones.  
The engineering magnificence of Howrah Bridge has received accolades from all constructional zones of India and abroad. While the central towers of the Bridge boast of a height of 280 feet, space between the centers of these towers is a record 1500 feet. More Detail... 

Kolkata (formerly called Calcutta) is the capital of West Bengal. As of 2011, the city is the third most populated metropolitan area in India. 

The city is Kolkata is easy to reach by air, rail or road. The city is a charming city with a 300-year-old heritage and vibrant cultural background. 

Shopping in West Bengal
The ace artisans of the sate make exquisite items out of clay, conch, shoal. In some places of West Bengal, the craftsmen weave superb silk saris, which is a popular item for those who wish to do some shopping in West Bengal.

West Bengal Handicrafts
Fine arts also have a rich tradition in West Bengal. In fact the state has produced a number of celebrated painters. Painting is also a worth buying item in West Bengal.

Last but not the important to mention is that Darjeeling in West Bengal produces the finest quality of tea in the world.

So a packet or two of original Darjeeling tea must feature in your list for Shopping in West Bengal.

While shopping in West Bengal, look for:

Baluchari silk sarisClay models and terracotta items (horses)
TeaJute Products, Cane & Bamboo work and mats
Items made of shola, conch-shellLeather work
Dhokra and metal cast itemsPaintings

In all destinations in West Bengal there are a lot of opportunity for shopping. Government Emporia are galore in number whereas private shops literally dot all over the state. You can also opt for shopping from the roadside vendors who offer good variety and great bargain.

Tourist Map Of West Bengal

Tourist Map Of West Bengal