Travel to Haryana

Haryana, a state in Northern India is a very famous tourist spot. It is bounded by Uttar Pradesh in the east, Punjab in the west, Himachal Pradesh in the north and Rajasthan in the south It has Union territory, Chandigarh as its capital and is divided into four divisions for administrative purposes - Ambala, Rohtak, Gurgaon and Hissar.

Travel to Haryana
Haryana is an ideal place for pilgrimage, adventure and fun. Kurukshetra, Jyotisar, Thanesar, Pehova and Panchkula are some of the famous pilgrim spots located in Haryana. It is also a perfect place to enjoy adventure sports such as Para Sailing, Rock Climbing, River rafting and canoeing. It also houses many Amusement Parks and Theme Parks.

The internationally famous Surajkund Crafts Mela is held every year in the month of February, to promote Indian arts and handicrafts. The 'Mango Festival ' and the 'Kurukshetra Festival' are also some of the very popular annual events. Haryana has a network of 43 tourist complexes, which are named after birds. Some of these tourist complexes in Haryana are Badhkal Lake, Dabchik, Jungle Babbler, Karna Lake, Kala teetar and Yadvindra Gardens.

Haryana with a history nearly five thousand year old basks in the glory of the great Indian epics and mythologies.

Kurukshetra in Haryana finds a mention in the Mahabharata as the place where the battle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas took place and Lord Krishna taught the lessons of Karma and Dharma, which took shape in the Bhagwat Gita. It was here on the banks of Saraswati River that Ved Vyas wrote the Mahabharat (in Sanskrit).

Today with its strategic location in north India, Haryana is an important state of Indian Union. It has already carved a niche in agricultural productions and is fast approaching an industrialized future.

How to Reach Haryana
Haryana lies close by the side of the national capital Delhi surrounding it on three sides. Naturally Haryana has developed a convenient communication network with the rest of the country. Added to that, the present wave of industrialization in the state has brought Haryana into the focus. A large number of industrial houses now-a-days are located in Haryana and lot many are coming up with an address in Haryana. This has led to remarkable growth of communication in this primarily agricultural state.

By Air

The main airport of the state is in its capital Chandigarh. Which is well connected with the cities of North India. Some parts of Haryana are also very close to the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi which also provides an easy access to the state.

By Rail

The main railway station is Chandigarh. Apart from that, Delhi has four Railway Stations, which are within approachable distance from any part of Haryana.

By Road

Haryana can boast of an excellent road network to and from the state. Some parts of the state are within the National Capital Region and are at a short driving distance from Delhi. A good network of National Highways and State Highways also serves other parts of the state.

Places to See in Haryana

Badkal lake
Badkhal Lake is situated in the state of Haryana, which which is a very historically significant state in India. Right from the Battle of Kurukshetra (near Panipat) in the Mahabharata, Haryana occupies a strategic location in Indian history.
Badkal lake
Haryana, besides being popular tourist destination, is also a thoroughfare to several picturesque locations that are scattered over the northern reaches of the Indian subcontinent. Badkhal Lake is one of the weekend getaways frequented by the travel loving denizens of the Indian capital. Lakes provide a plethora of options like boating, swimming and angling.

Badkhal Lake is located in the Faridabad district of Haryana, just a stone's throw (35 Km.) from New Delhi. Its picturesque setting and the indolent waters provide ample relaxation to the weary overworked suburbanites.

Star monument
The enchanting Star Monument is a treasure to the state of Haryana. Situated in Dinaud at a distance of 12 kms from Bhiwani, the monument is built on the tomb where Param Sant Huzur Tara Chand Ji Maharaj lies in eternal peace. The building is shaped in the form of a star after the name of Maharaj Ji. The holy tomb or Samadhi in the Radhaswami Satsang Bhawan Complex measures 101 feet from the base which itself stands on a raised platform of 6 feet.
Star Monument
The Star Monument is a hexagonal pyramid shaped structure where three alternative sides are in white marble, the other three being made of blue Italian glass that are completely weather resistant. The wonder lies in the fact that the building doesn't have pillars or columns to support it. Stars twinkle on the three walls of the Samadhi and inside. A statue of Maharaj Ji stands near the western wall. Six paintings portraying the life of Maharaj Ji adorn the six corners of the Samadhi. Traditional techniques are used for ventilation

Haryana, the Gateway to north India is a charming state whose exuberant citizens love to rejoice in colorful festivities. The popular tourist hub swarms with myriads of tourists seeking a break from the humdrum of a concrete jungle. Saras complex is an eminent resort where aficionados of Haryana love returning to.
The quaint resort is located in the urban and happening Gurgaon District, a stone's throw away from the nation's capital city, New Delhi. The estate sprawls across acres of lush greenery and overlooks the breathtaking backdrop of the jungle-clad Aravalli ridges. Surrounding the hills a picturesque sylvan lake glitters like a mirage of quicksilver in the oasis of idyllic green and augments the scenic rhapsody.

Patel Park in Ambala Cantt
Patel Park is located in Ambala sub-district of Haryana and is situated at just 1 km from the center in Ambala Cantonment area. It situates itself at 30°21'29" North latitude and 76°51'8" East longitude. Patel Park is a wonderful place amidst the bustling city.
Patel Park in Ambala Cantt
The huge expanse of greenery is quite unusual to such an old city, but Patel Park has been able to function as a place to 'breathe a heart full' in the Ambala city. Large trees line the beautiful park which provides the very necessary open space. The park is a favorite among people of all ages. For the children it serves as their adored play ground. The old people find it a great place for serene morning walks and a beautiful evening gathering. The nearby 'Shiv Ji Temple' is an added attraction for those visiting the park.

The natural beauty of Haryana, a charming blend of the suburban pasture and the urban skyscrapers is a popular tourist destination. The Gateway to the north is teeming with hotels, resorts and a variety of accommodation; out of which the Sohna Hills resort deserves special mention.

The pretty as a picture health resort at Sohna Hills is a popular tourist haunt. The resort is perched high on the Aravalli ridges and overlooks the stunning backdrop of the sylvan Damdama Lake, that gleams like a jewel in a brass setting under the slanting rays of the bright overhead afternoon sun. The charming sight of the sparkling lake water transforming from a gold-amber hue at dusk to a shimmering aquamarine haze in the dazzling afternoons is a sight to behold.

                               Shopping in Haryana
If you have discerning eyes, shopping in Haryana can turn out to be delightful experience. The craftsmen of Haryana make a variety of beautiful handicrafts. The handloom of Haryana has gained nationwide fame and is a must-buy item for those who want to do shopping in Haryana.

The most important place for shopping in Haryana is Surajkund Crafts Mela, which is held by the State Government every year in February to encourage the craftsmen of the state. Here you would find the craftsmen from all over India along with the Haryanvi craftsmen with spectacular display of their products.

Rest of the year, you can shop at the government Emporia for good quality products and reasonable prices.

Besides, Gurgaon has come up as a modern city dotted with swanky shopping malls and departmental stores, where you can find virtually anything under the sun.

Tourist Map Of Haryana

Tourist Map Of Haryana


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