Travel to Mizoram

The idyllic state of Mizoram is perched on the tip of the northeastern border of India.

Travel to Mizoram

Legend has it that, the Mizos emerged from a large rock known as Chhinlung. Two of the Ralte clan made a great noise while coming out. This annoyed "Pathian", the Mizo God, who felt that too many have been allowed to step out, so closed the door with a large rock.

This way, the entire land of Mizoram lingers in myths and mystery. Anthropologically the mongoloid people of Mizoram trace their ancestry in China and Myanmar. In 1986, the region became a full-fledged state of Indian Union.

The land promises you unbroken solitude as you travel to Mizoram. Mist clad peaks, lush green valleys, gushing streams and quaint tribal villages combine into Mizoram to offer you a perfect holiday retreat.

How to Reach Mizoram
The state of Mizoram lies sandwiched between Myanmar, Bangladesh and the states of Tripura, Assam and Manipur. With its steep mountains, verdant valleys, cascading waterfalls, placid lakes and of course myriad wild lives, the land of Mizoram is bound in unmatched tranquility.

It is hard to ignore the invitation to Mizoram. Although Mizoram lies in a corner of North Eastern India, reaching Mizoram is not a worry at all.

By Air

Mizoram has its airport in the capital city of Aizawl. Several airlines operate regular flights to and from Aizawl. Important cities in the rest of India like Kolkata, Imphal are linked to Aizawl by air.

By Road

The road network in Mizoram is quite convenient. National Highway 54 connects the capital city Aizawl with the rest of the country through Silchar. Aizawl is also accessible from other important northeastern cities in India like Shillong (450kms) and Guwahati (506kms).

By Rail
Mizoram does not have any Railway Station in its boundary. The most convenient Railway Station is Silchar, which is a 6/8 hours drive from Aizawl. Silchar is serviced by important trains and is linked to the rest of India with convenient Railway network.

Places to See in Mizoram

Tualchang is the biggest monolith in Mizoram. Tualchang is situated near Tualchang village in the Aizwal district. Tualchang is a line of stone blocks.

Sibuta Lung
Sibuta Lung is one of the most popular sites in Mizoram. Sibuta Lung is a memorial stone that was erected about 300 years by the Palian chief. The memorial Sibuta Lung offers a story of jilted love and lust for revenge.
Sibuta Lung

Tomb of Vanhimailian
Tomb of Vanhimailan was bulit in the memory of Vanhimailan Sailo. Vanhimailian Sailo was a great chief who ruled over Champhai. It overlooks the vast Champhai plain. Champhai is situated in the Aizawl District and is about 194 km from Aizawl in Mizoram India.

Tomb of Vanhimailian

Phawngui, also known as the Blue Mountain, is the highest peak of Mizoram and is considered to be the abode of Gods. Phawngpui located in the Chhimtuipui district, is famous for rhododendron and orchids. With spectacular trees and flowers of all colours, Phawngpui presents a fairytale view of the blue hazed hills, and vales unfolding below.

Mangkahia Lung
Mangkahia Lung is a memorial stone which was erected in the memory of Mangkhaia in 1700 AD. It is a very large memorial stone also called Mangkhaia's stone. Mangkahia Lung is 5 m high with heads of mithun (the animal found in the northeast India) engraved on it.

Dampa Sanctuary
In the northwestern tip of Mizo Hills. The sanctuary houses swamp deer, tiger, leopard, elephant and hoolock gibbon.

Dampa Sanctuary

                                                     Shopping in Mizoram
Like the entire northeastern region of India, Mizoram has also a rich tradition of handicrafts, which make for wonderful shopping in Mizoram. The handicrafts of Mizoram have a distinct identity, which is hard to conceptualize unless you see them. And seeing would definitely lead you to shopping in Mizoram.

The Mizos are great weavers. The tradition is deeply rooted in their tribal consciousness. They prefer to stick to a certain pattern of designs and motifs, which has become a part of their heritage.

Along with that, Mizoram boasts of plenty of bamboo productions. Naturally the Mizo artisans are traditionally skilled in making fantastic items made of bamboo, such as: baskets, utensils, hats, flower vases and furniture. Be it an objet d'art or a utility article, shopping in Mizoram must include an item or two made of Bamboo.

 Travel Map of Mizoram

Mizoram Travel Map

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