Arunachal Pradesh Tourism

Arunachal Pradesh tourism implies a vivid tour throughout the territory of Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal Pradesh is known as the 'nature's treasure trove'. Therefore, tourism in Arunachal Pradesh calls for a delightful tour across the enchanting valleys, romantic peaks, beautiful districts and scintillating rivers.
Arunachal Pradesh Tourism
Arunachal Pradesh is known as the 'Land of the Dawn-lit Mountains'; tourists from across the world come to Arunachal Pradesh to see the picturesque beauty of the territory. Arunachal Pradesh is situated at the foothills of Himalayas; it is this picturesque setting of Arunachal Pradesh that attracts a large number of tourists to come to Arunachal Pradesh.

Moreover, the places of interest that deserve a special mention in tourism of Arunachal Pradesh are:
  • Buddhist Temple –
  • The Buddhist Temple is a stupa which largely reflects the Tibetan influence in Arunachal Pradesh. The location of Buddhist Temple is such that it provides a scintillating view of the city of Itanagar.

  • Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum –
  • The Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum holds a wonderful collection art and architecture, musical instruments, religious articles, textile, ornaments, weapons, etc. The Museum remains open on all days, except Monday, for the tourist to visit and the Museum and explore the majestic past of the land.

  • Ita Fort –
  • Ita Fort is an old fort, which is situated at Papum Pare district. The three gates on the three sides of the fort is said to be built by the Ahom rulers and it is estimated that about 80 lakhs bricks and 45 cubic meters of stone were used to build the Fort.

Besides, the aforesaid site, some of the other sites that play a vital role in tourism at Arunachal Pradesh are:

  • Mouling National Park
  • Bhishmaknagar Fort
  • Buddhist Gompa
  • Namdapha National Park
  • Malinithan
  • Tipi Orchidarium
  • Parasuram Kund, etc.
Moreover, due to easy accessibility of Arunachal Pradesh to and from the different parts of India, is also instrumental towards enhancing the prospects of Arunachal Pradesh tourism. The availability of the different modes of transport like buses, cars, taxis, railways, air planes, etc. has largely enhanced tourism in Arunachal Pradesh. 

How to Reach?
By Air
The nearest airport to Arunachal Pradesh is Lilabari (North Lakhimpur) in Assam, 57 kms from Naharlagun and 67 kms from the capital, Itanagar. Direct flight to Tezpur in Assam (216 kms from Itanagar) from Calcutta, operated by Indian Airlines is available on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sunday. Though it does not have an airport, the state is well connected by air now. Helicopter services have been introduced in the state. The service is operated by Pawan Hans Helicopters Limited. The service provides daily shuttle trips between Guwahati in Assam and Naharlagun in Arunachal Pradesh
The helicopter services are

Arr. Station Dep. Flying time Arr. Station Dep. Flying time
Naharlagun 8.00 0.40
8.40 Mohanbari 9.00 0.20
9.20 Namsai 9.25 0.40
9.40 Tezu 9.45 0.40
MONDAY 10.05 Hayuliang 10.10 0.40 RATION SORTIES
10.30 Tezu 10.35 0.40
11.05 Mohanbari 11.25 0.40
12.05 Naharlagun 12.25 1.10
13.35 Guwahati 14.00 1.10
15.10 Naharlagun
Naharlagun 8.00 0.40
8.40 Mohanbari 8.50 0.30
9.20 Roing 9.25 0.30
9.55 Annini 10.00 0.30
TUESDAY 10.30 Roing 10.35 0.10 RATION SORTIES
10.45 Dambuk 10.50 0.10
11.00 Roing 11.10 0.30
11.40 Mohanbari 11.50 0.40
12.30 Naharlagun 12.50 0.10
14.00 Guwahati 14.30 0.10
15.40 Naharlagun
Naharlagun 8.00 0.40
8.40 Mohanbari 9.00 0.25
9.25 Pasighat 9.30 0.10
9.40 Mebo 9.45 0.10
WEDNESDAY 9.55 Pasighat 10.00 0.25 RATION SORTIES
10.25 Mohanbari 10.50 0.40
11.30 Naharlagun 12.00 0.10
13.10 Guwahati 14.00 0.10
15.10 Naharlagun
Naharlagun 8.00 0.40
8.40 Mohanbari 8.50 0.25
9.15 Pasighat 9.20 0.15
9.35 Roing 9.40 0.10
9.50 Dambuk 9.55 0.10
10.05 Roing 10.10 0.15
10.25 Pasighat 10.40 0.10
THURSDAY 10.50 Mebo 10.55 0.10 RATION SORTIES
11.05 Pasighat 11.15 0.20
11.35 Along 11.40 0.20
12.00 Yingkiong 12.10 0.20
12.30 Along 12.40 0.20
13.00 Pasighat 13.20 0.25
13.45 Mohanbari 14.00 0.40
14.40 Naharlagun
Naharlagun 8.00 0.40
8.40 Mohanbari 9.00 0.40
FRIDAY 9.40 Naharlagun 10.30 1.10 RATION SORTIES
11.40 Guwahati 13.30 1.10
14.40 Naharlagun
Naharlagun 8.00 0.40
8.40 Mohanbari 8.50 0.20
9.10 Namsai 9.15 0.15
9.30 Tezu 9.35 0.20
Saturday 9.55 Hayuliang 10.00 0.20 RATION SORTIES
10.20 Tezu 10.30 0.30
11.00 Mohanbari 11.10 0.40
11.50 Naharlagun 12.20 1.10
13.30 Guwahati 14.30 1.10
15.40 Naharlagun
*The helicopter service schedule is subject to change
By Rail
Arunachal Pradesh is yet to be connected with the rest of the country by the Rail. The nearest railway station is Harmutty (near Banderdewa) in Assam only 23 km from Naharlagun & 33 km from Itanagar. However, the nearest convenient railhead is North Lakhimpur in Assam, 50 km from Naharlagun & 60 km from Itanagar. For other important places, the nearest railway stations are Silapathar for Along, Tinsukia for Tezu, Ruksin (Murkong Selek) for Pasighat, Balipara for Bomdila / Tawang and Margherita for Namdapha.  

By Road
Arunachal Pradesh is well connected by roads. Interstate services are available from major towns of Arunachal Pradesh to various destinations in Meghalaya, Assam and Nagaland. The state owned Arunachal Pradesh State transport services and many operators ply these routes. Guwahati is at a distance of around 381 km from Itanagar. Distances of some important places in Arunachal Pradesh from Itanagar are Malinithan, 162 km; Bomdila, 360 km; Dirang, 403 km; Parasuram Kund, 795 km; Namdapha, 640 km; Ziro, 168 km; Pasighat, 280 km; and Along, 335 km.

Places to See in Arunachal Pradesh

This is the capital of the state and includes many tourist attractions of Arunachal Pradesh. The historical fort made of bricks from which the drives the name, is 14-15 centuries old. 
The Rajbhawan, the official residence of the Governor, Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum, the legendary Ganga Lake (Gyakar Sinyi) are also worth a visit.

Bomdila (8500 ft.)
Bomdila (8500 ft.)  
Home to the tibes like Monpa, Sherdukpen, Aka (Hrusse), Miji and Begun (Khawas). Colourful gomphas tucked in the brilliant landscape makes it an ideal Himalayan destination.

The meandering highland pass that leads to this picturesque valley itself is one of the tourist attractions of Arunachal Pradesh. 
This is the land of 400year old Tawang monastery, which is the birthplace of the sixth Dalai Lama. The monastery house gold lettered copies of sacred Buddhist script.

Mythology again comes into play. When the Lord Shiva was frantically carrying the corpse of Parvati, his wife, Lord Vishnu cut her body into pieces with Sudharshan Chakra. 
One of the pieces fell in this area so the place is considered divine. The place also provides a magnificent bird's eye view of the Brahmaputra river glimmering far below.


  • Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, Seijosa
  • Itanagar Wild life Sanctuary, Naharlagun 

  • Dr. D. Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary, Pasighat
  • Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Roing
  • Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary, Miao
  • Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary, Seijosa
  • Kane Wildlife Sanctuary, Along

  • Namdhapa National Park (Tiger Project), Miao
  • Mouling National Park, Jengging
  • Sessa Orchid Sanctuary, Tipi
  • Dihang-Debang Biosphere Reserve, Dibang Valley
One can spot a wide variety of wild lives including elephant, tiger, gaur, barking deer, black bear, red panda only to name a few.

Five major rivers - Kameng, Subansiri, Siang, Lohit and Tirap - branching out from the mighty Brahmaputra and countless other rivulets crisscross the mystic land. Alongwith the breathtaking view, they also offer good rafting and angling opportunity.
Namdhapa National Park

                            Hotels of Arunachal Pradesh

Initially untouched Arunachal Pradesh today is slowly and steadily evolving as a tourist hub. With the rising influx of tourists, both foreign and domestic, numerous hotels have started dotting the Union Territory. Arunachal Pradesh is home to a number of luxury, deluxe and budget hotels that are known for their hospitality and services.

Arunachal Pradesh is a northeastern state of India. The literary meaning of Arunachal Pradesh is the 'land of the dawn lit mountains' and 'Land of the rising sun'. The state is famous for its virgin natural beauty. The capital and the largest city of the state is Itanagar. Established in the year of 1987, Arunachal Pradesh is an apple of discord between India and China. Administrated by India, the territory of the state is also claimed by the neighboring country. More Detail...

Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Map

Arunachal Pradesh Tourist Map

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