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Along the river Chambal, Kota lies in the southern piece of Rajasthan. Mighty forts, opulent palaces and magnificent temples dominate the old world of Kota. In the same way as other places of Rajasthan, Kota excessively has an intriguing history.

Kota is well known for its palatial castles, fortifications and landmarks. Placed in the southern piece of Rajasthan,
Travel to Kota

Kota is additionally synonymous with Kota Doria saris and the Kota School of miniature paintings.

How to Reach Kota
Although lying off the beaten track, Kota is an interesting destination in Rajasthan. With its impressive forts, opulent palaces and splendid temples Kota reminds you of its past glory. The limpid flowing river Chambal lends the place a rare beauty.

With airport, railway stations and a good road network around, it is quite easy to reach Kota. Travel.mapsofindia brings you complete information on how to reach Kota:

By Air

In order to arrive at Kota by Air the tourists can avail of such services from the city's airport itself. The airport of Kota has been established at a distance of about ten km from the place and provides regular air services. The Kota airport is domestic in nature and hence links all the national locations with the city.

Airlines services are also offered from Jaipur to reach Kota. Jaipur airport is situated at a distance of 242 km from Kota city in Rajasthan. This Jaipur airport has air links with various prominent cities of India. Those who like to travel to destinations like Udaipur, Mumbai and Delhi are often found using the Jaipur air travel services.

By Road

Taking a tour of Kota by Road is one of the most interesting sojourns. The roads of Kota have wide-reaching network with the help of which the place is linked to major spots of Rajasthan. The infrastructural framework of roads in Kota comprises of both concrete and kachcha types. While the metallic roads are mostly found in the urban pockets of Kota, the kachcha roads criss-cross the rural zones of the city.

Traveling to Kota by road is very comfortable and convenient. This is due to the fact that the roads of Kota are accessible to all other parts of Rajasthan state in India. Apart from connecting the internal locations of Kota, the roads of the place also link the city with some notable destinations of the state and the country. People who wish to visit places such as Bundi, Ahmadabad, Jaipur, Mumbai and Delhi from Kota mostly uses the road transportation services

By Train

Reaching Kota by Train is counted as a pleasant experience for those who visit this historically rich and industrially prosperous city of Rajasthan. The north side of the Kota city possesses the railhead. The railway station of Kota in Rajasthan efficiently connects the place to other adjoining destinations.

The railway tracks of Kota comes under the Delhi-Mumbai path. The trains available from the Kota railway station are scheduled beforehand and are quite regular in nature. People who come from other parts of the country, frequently use the rail services of Kota.

Distance to Kota
  • From delhi - 500 KM
  • From jaipur - 242 KM
  • From hyderabad - 1181 KM
  • From kolkata - 1516 KM
  • From lucknow - 805 KM
  • From ahmedabad - 537 KM
Kota Distance Chart

Places to Visit in Kota

The largest state of India in terms of area is Rajasthan. It is a colorful land gifted with magnificent forts and palaces, sand dunes and lakes. Kota is the industrial capital of Rajasthan. Kota Tourist Attractions comprises of Jagmandir Palace, Rao Madho Singh Museum, City Fort and Palace, Haveli of Deaji and Chambal Gardens, Kota Barrage, Rana Pratap Sagar Dam and many more.

Kota is a famous historical city of northern India located in the state of Rajasthan. This historical city was a portion of the former Rajput kingdom of Bundi. In 1624, Kota gained the status of an independent state, when the rulers of Kota were defeated by the Mughal emperor Jehangir. The city of Kota is well known all over the world for its architectural splendor constituting of beautiful palaces, temples, museums. This architectural heritage exhibit the grandeur of the foregone era. The city has numerous exciting tourist attractions to visit and enjoy.

From Kota you can go to the nearby tourist places like Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary (50 km), Baroli (55 km), Nahargarh Fort (145 km), Bundi (35 km), Nawal Sagar, Jhalwar, Bhawani Natya Shala, etc. The city is also a favorite destination among the tourists who enjoy shopping. Kota is very famous for doria sarees, gold jewelries and silk sarees. Tourist Attractions are mostly historical places.

Maharao Madho Singh Museum
To preserve the rich cultural and architectural heritage of the city a number of palaces have been converted into museums.
Maharao Madho Singh Museum

 Maharao Madho Singh Museum is located in the old magnificent palace. On your trip to Kota do not miss this museum, as it is definitely one of the best museums in the state of Rajasthan. Read More.....

Kota Government Museum
Kota Government Museum is located in the Brijvilas Palace near the Kishore Sagar in the state of Rajasthan. The Museum is open from 10.00 to 5 PM and the entrance fee is Rs.2/-. It is closed on every Friday and Government holidays. 
Kota Government Museum

Inside the museum photography is prohibited but there is a provision of receiving permission from the Director of Archaeology and Museums, Jaipur. The museum portrays the rich cultural heritage of the state. Read More..... 

Chambal Garden
Located at the bank of river Chambal, the Chambal Garden is one of the most beautiful picnic spots in the Indian city of Kota. Visitors can enjoy peace in the lap of exquisite greenery while in this city. 
Chambal Garden

The major attraction of the Chambal Garden in Kota is the wonderful pond situated just in the middle of the greenery. This pond full of crocodiles attract a large number of tourists to this place during the winter months. This muddy pond can be crossed by shaky bridge suspended at a very low height. Read More.....  

Haveli of Devtaji
In the beautiful Indian city of Kota there are various religious spots, forts and palaces that attract tourists from all over the country. 
Haveli of Devtaji

Most of these places are well known for their marvelous architectural beauty. The Haveli of Devtaji is not merely a splendid palace, the place is also interesting for its major historical significance.Read More.....  

Kishore Sagar and Jag Mandir
Rajasthan, the land of the brave Rajputs is famous among the tourists for the exquisite palatial structures that are spread all over the state. 
Kishore Sagar and Jag Mandir

The palaces and the forts here stand as the remnants of the rich past of this enigmatic place. Kishore Sagar and Jag Mandir is also one such place in Kota. Read More.....  

Shopping in Kota
Although Kota is a small place, shopping in Kota can be a pleasant experience for the discerning shopper. The area has a quite rich tradition of art and craft.

Pick up a few Kota Doria saris while shopping in Kota. These are made out of cotton and silk threads. Hand-woven chequered and printed Kota saris are quite a rage with the women in various region of India. The weave is very fine and the weaving method used is primitive with the same method being used even in today's power-loom era.
Shopping in Kota

The ace craftsmen of the region also make exquisite potteries and stone crafts. Beautiful artifacts and utilities made of stone serve as excellent souvenirs and gift items. The colored potteries also make for great shopping in Kota.

Miniature paintings are popular handicraft in Kota. You may choose to pick up a few pieces to decorate your home interior.

Although plush shopping malls, swish commercial centers are not available, there are local bazaars for shopping in Kota. Check out the government emporia and the renowned private outlets for variety of local handicrafts and knickknacks.

You may need to bargain a little while buying articles from the local vendors. Except from the strictly local artifacts, you would also find various other handicrafts from other parts of Rajasthan

Kota Cuisine

The sprawling Kota city basking prettily along the banks of the Chambal River represents a splendid amalgam of architectural wonders manifested by the majestic palaces and crenelated forts as well as urban industrial estates. Apart from the bustling industries, Kota cuisine is another highlight of the Rajashthan city.

The city that is still alive with telltale signs of the former Rajput gallantry and valor boasts of a delectable platter of gastronomic delights for the true connoisseur of good food. While the palace kitchens prepared a elaborate delicacies, the traditional Kota food too was no less scrumptious. Prepared in a land where water and fresh green vegetables are a luxury and consumed by a warrior race, the quintessential Kota food is devoid of all frills. 
Kota Cuisine

Dire natural circumstances mandated that the food could be eaten several days after its preparation without being heated and at the same time retain its original flavor.

The dishes prepared usually have a deep red color and exude a rich aroma that is certain to make a gourmand's taste buds water with avarice and temptation. The food however, is not very spicy. Pure and unadulterated ghee is an essential ingredient of majority of the Kota cuisine. Lapsi, a sweetmeat prepared using broken wheat grains, delicately fried in a sweetened lump of ghee is also highly popular.

However the talking point of Kota food is the simple yet delicious combination of the wholesome dal, bati and churma meaning a platter of lentils, wheat balls and cereals. Sweet dishes and desserts are also very popular in the region.

Tourist Map of Kota
Tourist Map of Kota


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